Saturday, November 3, 2007


I'm going up to Berlin with guitarist Bob Pàiza and roadie Giauro + friends. Main aim of the whole thing is taking kick ass pics (We're bringing 2 cameras each - including V Hasselblad 501cm, black n white film) and digging into inspiration for new music ideas.

Berlin, be my only queen
just like unsullied destiny
declares lonesome cogitations beneath
as we wander your privates, within

BACK HOME: Our plane landed last night in Milan, after a nice soft flight. Berlin? Our sister B looked extremly grey, hurt with pain in almost every corner of her body, here and there dotted with high tech boasting (worth a look at), as though ages are allowed to pass without erasing hundreds of cries. Too much pain walked in and out of that city, tons of tears, tons of bricks, tons of tanks, iron on concrete, steel made out of rusty rifles as US check point remains just a plastic stance of a touristed present.
So much to say about our sister B, I already want to be back there soon... I need a couple of looks at a city to be able to honestly judge it. But B left a micro-organism in our veins. It's supposed to grow and change us. Just like all you feel when you leave Africa. You ought to come back.

I love my continent, with all the lines on her face