Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Lady Psyché review from UK

(ENG - ITA follows)
GLEAM are an interesting duo in their way, swinging from broad pop-rock choruses which wouldn’t be out of place on a U2 or ToTo album (please contain your vomit, chipmunk-like*, in your cheeks for the moment) to Jarvis Cocker mumble-verses, angular Talking Heads-esque breaks, and Zeppelin-like drum-drum-tumbles. (Yes, you can swallow that chunky vomit back down now, save it for another time**).

This Italian duo do their best to make the most out of listening to too much grunge when they were younger. Yet Lady Psyché And Her Heart Mechanix suffers from obligatory soaring vocal movements and a little bit too much of School of Rock’s school of plumbing*** (hint: it involves the kitchen sink). It would be more than enough to shuffle along with a mumble and a whisper and then thunder out the guitar-line.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

END POLIO NOW (Rotary International) - Music by GLEAM

Dal Giornale di Brescia (5 ottobre 2011)

(ITA - ENG follows)
Articolo completo:
Un video e una canzone contro la poliomielite. Succede a Roma, grazie al Rotary International, ma gli artisti coinvolti sono tutti bresciani: il regista del video - "End Polio Now" il titolo, identico a quello dell'iniziativa che nel febbraio 2011 tra Palazzo Poli e la Fontana di Trevi ha visto impegnati testimonial come Roberto Giacobbo e Maria Grazia Cucinotta - è Ermanno Guida, che ha di recente lavorato al film "Et in terra pax"; la canzone e colonna sonora del video è dei GLEAM, singolare compagine rock della nostra città.
Il brano in questione si intitola Frantic touches, lucid dreams e fa parte di “Lady Psyché and her Heart Mechanix”, seconda prova discografica del gruppo. Passati quattro anni dal precedente “Lip and tremble”, in cui erano emerse dipendenza da modelli ma anche nuove idee e tanta voglia di distinguersi, il nuovo album è sbocciato dai viaggi dei GLEAM tra Stati Uniti, Africa, Regno Unito e Irlanda, tappe di vita diventate avventura creativa. Riannodati i fili dell’intesa musicale, Andrea Salerni – voce, chitarrista e tastierista del gruppo – e il bassista Davide Gozio, con le batterie incise da Andrea Perini, hanno registrato sotto la supervisione di Andrea Gipponi dieci tracce originali cantate in inglese, spumeggiante vortice di esperienze e sperimentazioni.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Interview by "When the music is over"

This duo decided to be fully exhaustive and told us everything about the project ‘GLEAM’, so I guess there is not introduction needed, just taste the album ’Lady Psyché and her Heart Mechanix’ via bandcamp and go under the cut to get to know them:

Introduce the band to somebody who’s never heard of you:

We’re a duo and played together for about 7 years, we started from being a cover band then found out nothing’s more satisfying than bringing a new song into being, then another, then another. That’s what we do, just try to sum up feelings in melodic locutions aiming first for something predictable in order to change it right away into “the second idea”; in other words, once we get to the first idea (the one that comes natural when attempting to jot something down), that’s systematically eliminated to leave proper room for the second idea, which unfailingly turns out to be more interesting; and that second invention is what we once called “The Gleam” and that eventually kind of helps to avoid writing something that’s been already heard – or at least that’s the purpose. We never look for a pre-determined genre: first comes the message, then the mood, later the choice between indie, alternative, blues, new wave, weird stuff, space, british and whatever else style of rock/pop that better fits the lyrics.