Monday, October 14, 2013

Benvenuti a Zeroland

II. Iuvenilia (15 oct '13)
III. Borealis temptation (16 oct '13)
IV. Space express (17 oct '13)
V. Never really gone (18 oct '13)

"Zeroland (part I)" by GLEAM
recorded between December 2011 and August 2013
at "Il Covo della Conversazione" and at "Black Bananas Studio", Brescia, Italy

Music & Lyrics by GLEAM
Recording & Editing by GLEAM
Recording, Mixing & Mastering by Andrea Gipponi at "Black Bananas Studio"
Lyrics Supervision by Bryan Balduf
Album Cover Picture by MM
Graphics by GLEAM

Thanks for the special support:
Andrea Gipponi, Bryan Balduf, Giovanni Raccagni, MM

«To those who don't run away but would want to; 
Hoping they will»

© GLEAM 2013. All rights reserved.