We form GLEAM in 2003, start out with rock/blues influences (U2, Coldplay, Radiohead, AC/DC, Doors, Pink Floyd, Stevie Ray Vaughan etc... etc...) and then venture on more progressive/alternative/indie rock music environments looking for our own personal independent tone. During our first steps we record 3 self-produced demos:
  • "Pàiza - The story so far Vol.I" (2003)
  • "Pàiza - The story so far Vol.II" (2004)
  • "The Big G - Four songs demo" (2005)
After some live gigs (including Emergenza Festival), comes our first album and its Radio Edit Version:

  "Lip and Tremble" (december 15th 2005 - Sale/Colo/Bob Pàiza/Dave Pàiza)

"Lip and Tremble (Radio Edit)" (april 1st 2006 - Sale/Colo/Bob Pàiza/Dave Pàiza)

The album receives good reviews from the local press. In our humble opinion, our first album, including traits of ingenuity and sound quality problems, remains a good attempt to balance dark and grandiose atmospheres, blasphemous comparisons and progressive waves, wobbling tumbles in technical deficiencies and unexpected genuine virtuosities, catchy motifs and social or personal (or indecent) themes - or at least this was the idea.

The song "Seven" is later broadcast on many local radio stations.
All this is done by our original formation: Sale/Colo/Bob Pàiza/Dave Pàiza.

Months pass, things change and for a bit more than a year we play with Luca. After live performances, inspiring trips around the world and constant rehearsals, tantalizing ideas for a new album arise.

At the end of 2007 we split up for about a billion reasons and never make it to record our second album. Then silence for a while. About two years actually.

Right after a motivating trip to Morocco, we decide to restart in december 2009. That second album we did not accomplish with our previous formations, is finally released:

"Lady Psyché and her Heart Mechanix" (december 12th 2010 - Sale/Dave Pàiza)

The album features 10 original songs that draw inspiration from many travels and personal experiences. The sound goes through dreamlike atmospheres of countries where none of us has ever been, dusty moods of countries we crossed on the road, aimless mind contortions with a compulsive yet optimistic desperation in them, unpretentious strumming cartesian guitars and thickness of bold thoughts of bass guitar and choirs, psychological highways narrated by a book of mechanics of the heart.

The video of the song "Sugarless" is filmed in november 2010, not long before a Rotary International campaign video, featuring our song "Frantic touches, lucid dreams".

We later have the opportunity to write two soundtracks for commercials; they are released in a short EP:

"Happy birthday Guru" (april 19th 2012 - Sale/Dave Pàiza)

Between october 14th and 18th 2013 we release the first half of our third album:

"Zeroland (part I)" (october 14th-18th 2013 - Sale/Dave Pàiza)

The second half of Zeroland is planned to be issued very soon and will feature 5 new original songs.

P.S.: with the long, creative and important contribution of former GLEAM members, musicians and friends:

  • 2003/2006, Colo (drums, vocals)
  • 2006/2007, Luca (drums, vocals)
  • 2003/2007, Bob Pàiza (guitar)